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    Choice of Entities   

The term "choice of entity" refers to the legal form which your business will take. Tax considerations and liability concerns are the primary drivers of which business entity form is chosen when organizing a new business.

We consistently help clients structure their business and investment activities to minimize tax responsibilities by advising on corporate entities, as well as, the use of pass-through vehicles such as partnerships, limited liability companies, joint ventures and S corporations, and trusts.

By choosing the most appropriate organizational structure according to the type of business and industry, we can position the business for long-term profitability, while also choosing the most favorable tax treatment, and protecting owners from personal liability.

This is especially relevant in today’s competitive market and economic challenges, as both businesses and individuals seek to gain an edge by increasing their efficiency and productivity. Paying excessive taxes reduces profitability and puts a business at a serious competitive disadvantage, especially when it is already squeezed by price pressures and growing competition.

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or if you are planning a business start-up, there are strategic and effective steps you can take to protect your business's finances, as well as your own personal assets.

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Every single fact concerning your business is relevant in deciding which form of business entity to use. Not all of them are of equal importance, but they all matter to some degree.