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    Federal Tax Litigation   

Federal tax litigation is a unique and highly technical area of law. Underlying disputes may involve any combination of income, gift, estate, excise, and employment taxes, with the ultimate outcome being governed by thousands of pages of the Internal Revenue Code and Treasury Regulations.

As a result, federal tax litigation requires the combined ability to analyze very technical tax laws, as well as, persuasively argue through written and oral advocacy.

Tax litigation is further complicated by a tangled web of procedural rules and requirements that are relevant both before and after a lawsuit is filed.

To fully understand the intricacies of tax litigation, it is essential for your attorney to be familiar with each phase of a tax dispute – from the initial audit to the appeal of a court decision.

Through our broad knowledge and experience we are able to strategize with taxpayers to devise the best course of action for a successful resolution according to their particular case and circumstances.

Tax Litigation Services and Matters:

  • Disputing a tax liability or deficiency
  • Obtaining a refund of overpaid taxes
  • Defending against trust fund recovery penalties
  • Unrelated Business Tax
  • Defending against improper collection
  • Seeking proper application of tax credits

Did you know? Taxpayers can generally choose among three forums to litigate a tax controversy: the U.S. Tax Court, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, and Federal District Court. A significant amount of strategy is involved in choosing the best forum for a particular tax dispute.