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    Nonprofit/Exempt Organizations    

The general laws governing non-profit organizations are similar to their for-profit counterparts, but tax laws and regulations for non-profit organizations contain many unique requirements and restrictions. Additionally, the IRS is becoming increasingly vigilant with the regulation of tax exempt and non-profit organizations, and is examining the non-profit sector more closely ever. In fact, the reality is that nonprofit organizations face heightened scrutiny and complex regulatory guidelines.

To protect your tax-exempt status, it is important to work with an attorney who truly understands the tax laws governing non-profit organizations and is familiar with the wide variety of nonprofit organizations, including charitable organizations, private foundations, charitable trusts, public charities, and other classifications.

We advise and guide exempt organizations through all stages of development and business needs, including: initial formation of the entity, obtaining required determinations, compliance and operating issues, and transfers in mergers. When necessary, we also help organizations through dissolution and liquidation.

When providing our services to exempt organizations, our goal is to gain a full understanding of our client's organization, activities, and operating philosophy, so that we can support its exempt mission, and assist the organization in meeting its goals.

Nonprofit organizations face heightened scrutiny and complex regulatory guidelines.