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    Transactional Planning   

The primary goal of strategic tax planning is to arrange your financial affairs in such a way as to reduce taxes. There are various ways to achieve this, but it is primarily accomplished in three ways:

        1) reducing taxable income
        2) increasing tax deductions
        3) taking advantage of tax credits

Following these principles, we provide counsel to effectively structure, negotiate, and document a myriad of business transactions and compliance issues, including:

  • Regulatory, administrative, and legislative compliance issues
  • Asset sales and acquisitions, stock sales and redemptions, mergers, joint ventures, divestitures, relocations, and tax-free reorganizations
  • Financing transactions
  • Intellectual property transactions
  • Shareholder agreements and other contract matters
  • Executive compensation plans and employee benefit programs
  • Shareholder rights and remedies and director and officer fiduciary duties
  • Foreign ownership
  • Employment policies
  • Opinions on uncertain tax positions

We provide our clients with practical solutions to these and other issues, and assist our clients to structure these transactions in a manner that enables them to achieve the optimal tax results consistent with their business objectives. Even when working alongside corporate lawyers in a commercial transaction driven by non-tax issues, we work to ensure that every transaction is as tax-efficient as possible.

To discuss the specific tax implications of your respective transaction, we invite you, or your corporate counsel, to contact us at (702) 551-3030.

The best time to prepare for a tax exam or dispute is years before the audit begins –
through proper and effective tax planning.